Channel Manager – increase your exposure in global services

Don't wait for customers to find you, learn their booking habits and show your offer in popular global services. With IdoSell Booking Channel Manager, you can sell all available accommodation items through various integrated channels and manage all reservations in one place.

Multi-channel selling has a lot benefits but one big risk – overbooking. The only guarantee of having full control over all reservations is to keep track of them in one system. IdoSell Booking allows you real-time synchronization with major online markets. Save yourself the trouble of juggling various panels - with IdoSell Booking, you effortlessly change rates and availability, sending updates automatically to all integrated websites. When you run out of available rooms, our systems closes inventory on every channel.

Make your job easier with Channel Manager:

  • manage rates and availability in IdoSell Booking panel, automatically updating inventory on every integrated channel
  • stop manually transferring booking data from external services
  • keep track of all bookings in one place
  • minimize the risk of overbooking
  • say hello to total real-time synchronization – when your guest makes a booking in one of the services, all integrated channels update their inventory
  • send automatic booking confirmations and deposit requests to all clients