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We present the 'Opportunity Center', i.e. individual tips from on how to improve the sales results of your facility

We have provided a new module "Opportunity Center" to the owners of the facilities using integration with It contains individually prepared tips by to increase sales results.

Opportunity Center provided by is based on the analysis of your property results at each stage of the reservation process, from filtering accommodation to booking the stay. Based on your results, the Opportunity Center identifies the steps you need to take to improve your conversion.

For example, adding a non-returnable offer, making reservations for the same day, or adding more photos to your offer.

The full list of tips is available directly in the IdoSell Booking panel in the Channel Manager tab. You can activate each Opportunity is just a few clicks. Some of them can be enabled even without logging in to your Extranet.

We encourage you to use the Opportunity Center. Thanks to it, you will learn what can be changed to increase the conversion rate and improve your guests booking experience.