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The new report module helps you analyze reservations and their settlements

Thanks to the reservation report you can quickly analyze your profits, calculate the amount of commission for OTAs or property administrators, as well as summarize all settlements. You can flexibly customize the report to display only the most important information for you. In addition, all data can be easily exported to CSV and PDF.

The new report module can be found in the MARKETING/Reservation settlement report tab. There are three types of reports. Two first types have a predetermined date range (i. e. current and previous month), which allows you to automatically generate reservation summaries. The last type is an advanced one.

The advanced report presents more flexible configuration options. You can choose the date range, reservation sources, reservation items and locations on your own.

Customization options

You can decide on your own which information should be included in the summary. If you think that some columns are redundant, you can simply hide them from the report in the Display settings.
Additionally, if you use our Channel Manger, you can enter the amount of commission for each connected channel and included them in calculations.