23 July 2019

Risk-free reservations at Booking.com - the most common complications

There is a bug on the Booking.com end related to Risk-free reservations. Please pay special attention to non-refundable reservations covered by this program.

For these reservations, modifications regarding the reservation status may still be incorrectly processed by Booking.com.

The most common complications regarding Risk-free reservations:

  • No refund for canceled reservation - due to the lack of status update after the customer cancels the reservation, the room can be further blocked by Channel Manager. Booking.com stops looking for an alternative Guest if it detects that this date is blocked by the Hotel and does not refund the cost of cancellation of the non-refundable reservation. According to the program, the Hotel should receive the full amount if an alternative Guest hasn't been found.
  • Double reservations in the calendar - if we don't receive the updated status of Risk-free reservations cancelled by guests and an alternative Guest is found by Booking.com, both reservations may block the same date. Canceled booking at first glance looks like an overbooking.

In case of any doubts regarding the refund, please contact the Partner directly.

The Booking.com team is already working on eliminating this bug. On behalf of the Booking.com team, we apologize for any inconvenience.