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Now, you can integrate your offer with trivago via IdoSell Channel Manager!

Trivago is one of the largest hotel search engines where you can compare hotel prices across various channels to find the best deals among 2 million accommodation offers. The service, with its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, offers a range of marketing tools and services that can help you grow and improve the competitiveness of your offer and reach a wider audience. This is yet another interesting proposition for all those who want to increase the number of direct bookings and occupancy level.

IdoSell Booking Channel Manager, which allows you to sync offers accross multiple OTAs, presents a new integration with trivago. The wide expansion and marketing policy have allowed trivago to take the place of one of the most frequently chosen accommodation comparison website, right next to TripAdvisor.
What certainly deserves special attention is the fact that guests looking for the best deal on trivago will be redirected to the Booking Engine on your own website. It means even more direct bookings and an easier way to find your website for any potential client.

With this type of offers synchronization, you will be able to win over even more guests, as all the special offers, discounts and additional attractions set up in the IdoSell Boooking admin panel will be also available for trivago bookers via the Booking Engine.

What are the main benefits of connecting with trivago?

  • the possibility of increasing occupancy and revenue
  • easy and clear way to set up your account
  • global audience
  • high brand recognition

Why should you connect your Channel Manager with trivago?

  • you can sell the same rooms simultaneously without the risk of overbooking
  • information about free rooms is updated in real-time
  • you will increase sales by optimizing the occupancy
  • availability and prices are managed in one place
  • your offers will be automatically imported to trivago without the need for mapping

There are no additional fees charged after connecting with a new channel. Therefore, we encourage you to enable the integration with trivago. An additional channel that reaches customers from all over the world will improve your conversion rate, diversify sales and allow for a much higher occupancy.

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