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IdoSell Booking Terms & Condtions and Price List update - effective from December 1, 2019.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoSell Booking Price List and Terms and Conditions one month in advance. The new rules will apply from December 1, 2019.'

Overview of the most important changes in the Terms and Conditions

  • We are a Payment Institution and due to the fact that we combine payment and reservation management services, we can provide them in a completely innovative way, offering them under the brand of IAI Pay, i.e. embedded payments. We have introduced changes to the Terms and Conditions that result from the law and systematize activities in the field of payment processing. Soon, we are also going to announce the new features connected with our payment system.
    • We formally systematised and regulated liability and guarantees of paid service and graphic works performed on behalf of our clients. Until now, these issues were not fully clear and formalized. The biggest change is the introduction of a regulated period of 2 months for filing complaints. Reducing the workload devoted to analyzing reported questionable issues will allow our web developers to focus more attention on performing serviced works. The lack of regulations led to abuses and situations in which our specialists spent many hours on analyzing whether the issue was caused, for example, by a change in the template made one year ago, or simply by adding an external add-on by the client. Limiting such situations means faster and cheaper services for all customers. We fully aim to protect our clients' rights and maintain a 2-month period of full warranty for delivered service. The only change, therefore, is that now Clients have a specific, regulated period of time for performing tests and providing their feedback. We believe that both sides will greatly benefit from this change.

Changes in the Price List

  • The only change in the price list is the fee for letter delivery within Europe (e.g. sending a duplicate invoice at the customer's request). The fee is £4/4,50€/$6

Full texts of new documents

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