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Changes to the IdoSell Booking Terms & Conditions effective from 1 May 2018

Along with the current policy of introducing changes to existing documents, we present the latest IdoSell Booking Terms & Conditions which will take effect from 1 May 2018.

What has changed?

We always ensure that our solutions fully comply with the law and attach the utmost importance to the safety of our clients. Therefore, the Terms and Conditions regarding the processing of personal data have been thoroughly prepared for the entry of new regulations on the protection of personal data, i.e. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Of course, our internal procedures and regulations meet all the requirements, including, for example, the concept of privacy by design, which must be obeyed by anyone who creates a software. IdoSell clients can assured that our system is fully compatible with the GDPR, whereas, everyone else has to take care of it themselves or rely on the fact that their subcontractors will take care of it.

The full version of the document is available at our website:

Details available in the full IdoSell Booking Terms and Conditions