4 September 2018

Brand new Channel Manager connection with Szallas.hu, RevNGo.com, Hotelguru.ro and Nocleg.pl

You can now connect with brand new OTAs via IdoSell Channel Manager - Szallas.hu, RevNGo.com, Hotelguru.ro and Nocleg.pl. All the channels are part of the Hungarian group, Szallas.hu, which is currently considered to be the industry leader in Central Europe with approximately 800k subscribers. The connection is a two-way integration in real time, which means it works in the same way as, i.e., the one with Booking.com, Expedia.com and other available OTAs.

What are the benefits of connecting with Szallas.hu?

  • Szallas.hu is one of the industry leaders in Central Europe which gives you a perfect chance to reach even more international customers.
  • It's an API connection which means automatic availability and rates updates from IdoSell panel.
  • Reservations made via Szallas.hu are automatically retrieved to IdoSell calendar, together with the most important booking details.
  • You're protected from the risk of overbooking without having to update availability manually.

Please remember that you can enable any new integration added to our Channel Manager free of charge and take all the benefits of reaching new clients with your offer on international markets. We do all the hard work for you by synchronizing availability, rates and reservation details. You can enjoy the profits!