14 May 2019

Automatically sync rate plans and cancellations policies with Booking.com

Until now, to set up the connection correctly, it was necessary to manually create corresponding rate plans in the IdoSell, as well as in Booking.com. You had to indicate which room should be connected with a given rate plan and specify the type of offer (refundable or non-refundable). It was necessary to specify all cancellation and prepayment policies in the Booking.com Extranet. From now on, you can set up everything in IdoSell and automatically push all settings to Booking.com.

What do you gain?

First and foremost, more time. Time that you don't have to spend on setting up rate plans in two systems. Thanks to our Channel Manager, rate plans and cancellation and prepayment policies will be automatically synced, in accordance with two general types of policies in Booking.com, i.e. non-refundable and partly refundable. From the moment of enabling the automatic plans configuration, IdoSell will control all rate plan, cancellation and prepayment policies. Any changes made in our system will overwrite settings in Booking.com.

Who can use the automatic mapping?

This feature is available for all clients using the LOS (Length of Stay) Pricing Model in the Booking.com integration. This pricing model allows you to automatically sync occupancy based rates and length of stay discounts within a single rate plan in Booking.com.

If everything is correctly configured, rate plans will be automatically created in Booking.com side together with an appropriate cancellation and prepayment policies. You can preview all settings in the Integraitions/Channel Manager/Boooking.com/Edit mapping section.

How to start using new products?

We can activate this option at your request, if you meet the requirements described above. We strongly encourage you to use this option and manage all settings via IdoSell Booking. If you have any questions about integration, please contact our Sales and Support Department IdoSell Booking.