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Blog - IdoSell Booking online reservation system

9 November

IdoSell Helpline will be closed on November, 12

Changes to IdoSell Helpline schedule on November, 12, 2018.

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5 November

We have created an API and mechanisms to easily connect any electronic lock made by any company

Recently, we developed our first connection with the electronic lock system made by SmartPorter. If you were wondering if it's possible to integrate with other electronic systems, we have good news for you. We created an open API to allow connecting with any provider and generating access codes for your guests via IdoSell Booking.

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31 October

IdoSell Booking Terms and Conditions - update effective from December 1, 2018.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoSell Booking Terms and Conditions one month in advance. The new rules will apply from December 1, 2018.

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5 September

A brand-new electronic document creator allows you to automatically sign a contract, contract assignment or contract termination via the CSC

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we decided to create a dedicated tool to minimize paperwork and speed up the process of verifying contracts, assignments and contract terminations. Every client can generate and electronically sign all necessary documents in few easy steps.

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4 September

Brand new Channel Manager connection with,, and

You can now connect with brand new OTAs via IdoSell Channel Manager -,, and All the channels are part of the Hungarian group,, which is currently considered to be the industry leader in Central Europe with approximately 800k subscribers. The connection is a two-way integration in real time, which means it works in the same way as, i.e., the one with, and other available OTAs.

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6 August

IdoSell Booking Sales and Helpline schedule on 07.08.2018

Changes to IdoSell Booking Sales and Helpline schedule on 07.08.2018

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29 June

Changes to the IdoSell Booking Price List and Terms & Conditions effective from 1 August 2018

Along with the current policy of introducing changes to existing documents, we present the latest IdoSell Booking Price List and Terms & Conditions which will take effect from 1 August 2018.

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27 June

The new report module helps you analyze reservations and their settlements

Thanks to the reservation report you can quickly analyze your profits, calculate the amount of commission for OTAs or property administrators, as well as summarize all settlements. You can flexibly customize the report to display only the most important information for you. In addition, all data can be easily exported to CSV and PDF.

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7 May

IdoSell Booking Sales and Helpline schedule on 08.05.2018

Changes to IdoSell Booking Sales and Helpline schedule on 08.05.2018

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