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We have extended the possibility of selecting a friendly link structure (URL) in your online store with new predefined structures

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we decided to extend the existing predefined url structures with new predefined templates.
Existing solutions, in accordance with applicable standards, based on a catalog for the website language and using the so-called directory for the page type, we supplemented with the structure version: without .html

The use of "friendly links" is an important element of functional navigation in the online store. Properly prepared url address structures positively affect the transparency of the site from the point of view of both the client and the search engine crawlers.

You can change the link structure in the MODERATION / SEO - Search engine optimization / Friendly URL structure settings for pages in the store section.

A shop using "friendly links" is more logically organized and intuitive to navigate. Eliminating unnecessary parameters of the .html extension type allows you to easily remember products of interest to the customer, return to them and, as a consequence, convert them.
Well-prepared friendly links will help you achieve a better position in search results and will also be better presented during the promotion of the store, e.g. in social media.

In summary, the use of "friendly links" is:

  • logical structure of the website from the point of view of the user and the bot crawling the store;
  • easier navigation and intuitive return to higher menu levels;
  • easier to remember url by getting rid of unnecessary elements, e.g. .html;
  • professional promotion of the store on social media;
  • assistance in positioning thanks to keywords contained in the url content (e.g. the name of the category and products);

If you decide to change the structure of friendly links, take into account the following elements that affect the visibility of the change in your store:

  • HTML cache must be refreshed;
  • changing links in the menu will take up to 1 hour from making the change;
  • links in the IOF offer will change only when the offer is generated again;
  • links from the previously set structure will get 301 redirect;
  • url addresses in the shop's mask will be automatically replaced (this does not apply to possible manual insertion of full links, e.g. in product descriptions);
  • changing the structure in the panel is not an irreversible process - you can always go back to the previous structure;
  • thanks to the use of redirects, the change of links will not have a negative impact on integration with other websites;

'Remember!' By switching to building a structure of friendly links for the store, you are changing the setting very important for the SEO optimization of your website. Before you make a change, we suggest that you confirm your decision to switch the structure of friendly links with the person responsible for SEO optimization of your website or our partner, the agency `` Traffic Trends '', which specializes in SEO optimization of e-commerce websites.

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