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Unleash your potential and bet on fulfillment. The history of PanPablo

How can fulfillment help your shop succeed, also on foreign markets? Who is fulfillment for? How do the logistics of a shop that relies on fulfillment look like? Read the inspiring story of PanPablo, who uses the services of an external logistics operator and gets to know better what fulfillment is.

PanPablo is a brand that needs no introduction. The cult online shop, and now also a stationary boutique in Wrocław, offers shoes and accessories for men and women. The shop offers top brands such as Birkenstock, Crocs and Fjallraven Kanken.

- Before Omnipack, we contacted several other companies and had previous bad experiences with logistics operators. Already after the first contact with Omnipack I had a good feeling. - says Paweł Przybylski, founder of PanPablo

The unique products quickly won the hearts of consumers. The dynamic growth would not have been possible without the support of external partners, such as IdoSell, which flexibly adapted to the growing needs of the business, and Omnipack, which has been handling PanPablo's comprehensive logistics since 2020.

Fulfillment, or a logistic burden off your mind

Fulfillment is a comprehensive handling of warehouse processes by an external company, the so-called outsourcing of logistics services. Without efficient logistics, there is no way you can sell online on a large scale. Investments in professional warehouse facilities pay off only up to a certain point and have several disadvantages. First of all, they pay for themselves in the long term and require a lot of your own financing. All this hampers the growth of your shop and requires you to invest in infrastructure instead of goods. However, there is an alternative which is fulfillment.

When is it worth choosing fulfillment for an online shop? If the number of orders is growing, and packing and shipping them yourself is starting to cause significant delays in delivery, it's time to look for support in logistics. This is exactly what PanPablo has done.

A trusted logistics partner who takes care of warehousing, order preparation and shipping, as well as stocking stationary shops and handling returns, is essential for continued growth. The time you save on these activities will free up potential that you can use to:

  • expanding your product range
  • Reaching out to new customers and building loyalty among existing ones
  • Customer service
  • expanding into new markets

It is crucial to choose an operator who knows the needs of online shops and knows that one mistake in order preparation can result in the irreparable loss of a customer. Omnipack offers an error-free order processing rate of 99.92% and solutions tailored to the needs of the fashion industry (customized racking infrastructure, customized return process or packaging according to merchant guidelines). The quick integration of IdoSell with Omnipack allows you to start working with them right away.

Logistics for PanPablo

For PanPablo, two issues proved crucial: the speed of orders and the seasonal and occasional variations in the number of orders.

The solution to the speed of ordering is same-day fulfillment, which means that orders are packed and shipped the same day they enter the operator's system. This usually means that the next day the packages are already at the end customers.

For the second problem, i.e. spikes in the number of orders, the key is a flexible SLA solution. SLA is nothing more than the number of orders that a fulfillment company guarantees to send each day. In moments of promotions or seasonal sales spikes (e.g. Christmas period), PanPablo can raise its SLA. The logistics company (e.g. Omnipack) will be obliged to send more parcels than on standard days. A perfect example is the 8th birthday of the PanPablo shop, when large discounts were waiting for customers, Omnipack realized 26 times the standard SLA.

This professional approach to logistics and its outsourcing to an external partner resulted in a 234 percent increase in the number of orders year-on-year (April 2020 / April 2021). The warehouse space occupied by PanPablo has also been optimised - by expanding it by only 29 per cent, 150 per cent more products could be accommodated.

PanPablo, like hundreds of other shops, relies on fulfillment. If you are interested in this topic and want to know more details, we invite you to listen to a webinar in which Paweł Przybylski, the founder of PanPablo talks about cooperation with Omnipack and IdoSell.

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