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New search mechanism in your shop. Convenient filtering of the product list, without reloading the page

IdoSell has introduced a new search widget on the goods list in its shops. It allows you to filter its results directly, without reloading the page in your browser. Thanks to this, the goods list in your online shop will get a refreshed look. This is the first stage of work on the new goods list. Check out what will change in the article below.

Nowy widget w sklepach IdoSell

New search widget with dynamic filtering of results

The new search engine works fully dynamically, topping up or narrowing down your search results without having to reload the page in your browser. This makes filtering the results fast and efficient. The new widget does not replace the current mechanism, it is an element that streamlines the entire process of filtering results.

The widget will give you the possibility to filter the results by many criteria, including categories, brands, series, IdoSell categories.

To use it, just use the advanced or ordinary search. The parameters you choose in them will be automatically saved and marked in the side scrolling widget.

Refreshed goods list

The goods list interface itself has also been refreshed along with the new widget. We have taken care of better filling the free space (e.g. above 2150px the results filtering system is automatically and permanently opened).


  • the possibility to search for goods that only appear in one selected warehouse has been added,
  • optimised the way of reading the list of parameters in the advanced search, where the list of parameters is set as hidden by default,
  • we have improved the handling of the field "Containing text" in the case of single characters,
  • we have improved the search of goods of a specific manufacturer, which are in promotion,
  • We have made it possible to display goods that are grouped and ungrouped in one common list.

This is not yet the end

In the next two weeks, we will make a new search widget available in your panel. We are still developing for you! We are currently working on expanding the available filtering options in the widget and on another set of changes and improvements for the goods list itself.

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