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IOF 2.5 - new version of offer sharing format with better support for groups of products and sizes

The can now share their offers in IOF 2.5. It brings a few improvements:

  • Change in a way, that grouped products are supported. This is the most important change in comparison to the previous version. So far group of products was a separate element in XML structure with additional information on products. Now all products in group are stores on single level with ungrouped products, so contanct service for this file is much easier.
  • Sizes markers appeared in full file, that stores information on product descriptions. They were present only in light file earlier. It means, that a programmer, parsing full.xml file, receives an information about available sizes and size-related attributes (manufacturer code, price for size).
  • Information about Recommended/Suggested Retail Price (SRP/RRP) was introduced.
  • Stocks file was added to hold the list of stocks - this change is related to changes in the IAI Downloader, that we plan to introduce. Each user, that wants to use this application as own stocks control application, will be able to do so, when we finish introducing this new function.

Note: Current 1.7 version of IAI Downloader does not support IOF 2.5 files. This is why we encourage you to await the introduction of IAI Downloader 1.8 with full support for this format. It will be published in the near future.

Current format specs are available on For developers - Internet Offer Format (IOF) page. The generates IOF 2.5 along with IOF 2.2 and IOF 2.4, so you can choose a version most suitable to your needs.