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By offering lycopene drink in subscription model LycopenPRO support people to take care of their health

Lycopene Health is the first online shop to test a new subscription sales module from IdoSell. The company's aim is to support people in taking care of their health, which is why it has patented the world's first antioxidant drink. This product works best when consumed daily. See how the subscription module has helped sales LycopenPRO.

lycopen pro case study

Professor Chomczynski's visionary product

The drink LycopenPRO is a product of a new category - antioxidant drinks. It has been designed to make the most of the antioxidant potential of lycopene, which is one of the most effective natural antioxidants. The drink LycopenPRO contains 30 mg of it in each bottle, which is the recommended serving for preventative benefits.

Subscription module as a key to success

With the subscription, consumers do not need to remember to order the product regularly, as the system does it for them.
- From the very beginning of our business planning, we felt that the subscription module was the perfect form of sales LycopenPRO. This is primarily due to the nature of the product. The lycopene we supply through LycopenPRO lasts in the body for 24 hours. Therefore, in order to make the most effective use of the protective effects of lycopene, it should be consumed on a daily basis, explains Artur Pacanowski, Sales Director at Lycopene Health.

Implementation of the subscription module and plans for the future

Lycopene Health is the first online store where we have implemented a subscription sales module.
- The implementation went quite smooth as for the first shop on the IdoSell platform to offer subscription module to its customers. At every stage of the system implementation we had full support from IdoSell - emphasises Artur Pacanowski.

Although e-commerce remains the core of Lycopene Health's sales activities, the company is now also focusing on developing other sales channels, including cross-border.
- Our ambition is for the brand LycopenPRO to become a leader among health foods and we are making every effort to make this happen, adds Artur Pacanowski.

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