About IAI S.A. Company

We are a leader on Polish e-commerce market. A joint stock company IAI S.A. was founded in 2000 and has been listed on NewConnect stock exchange since December 16, 2009.

Our company dynamically develops online sale services offered in SaaS model (Software as a Service). The joint stock company IAI S.A. creates a professional system for online shops or wholesale stores management. On foreign markets the service provided by IAI S.A. is known as IdoSell Shop.

IAI S.A. introduced a brand new service - IdoSell Booking - in 2013. The service makes it possible to sell bookings online, via mobile devices or through Social Media. It is directed to all types of resorts. At the moment the application is available only in Poland and Germany and it is being developed also for the British market.

Who works in IAI S.A.?

At the moment there are over 90 people employed full time. They work on the office area of over 1000 m2. These are:

  • PHP programmers
  • Windows programmers
  • graphic designers
  • webmasters
  • analysts
  • testers
  • helpdesk consultants
  • implementation phase supervisors and salesmen
  • brand managers

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