Multiple online stores in a single panel - selling through a chain of shops conveniently, only in

Do you dream of running your own chain of shops? Start building your e-commerce empire today! Only the's software makes cheap development and intuitive management of online stores' chain possible.

Would you like to sell products conveniently from a number of on-line stores using one Administration Panel? is a perfect solution for you! You can open many e-stores in one panel, and manage them at your own convenience. The costs will be considerably lower than in the other competitive systems since you are not obliged to buy several copies or licenses of the given software, and what's worse, to work on them separately.

How does it work?

  • Convenient handling of events in all stores:
  • You can see all events from various stores at once - new orders, customer registrations, complaints etc.
  • If it is necessary, you can filter various lists, e.g. orders assigned to specific shops.
  • You can fulfill the orders together.
  • Simple management of products and the stock:
  • You easily define which shop or shops is the given product displayed in (you can do it also for groups of products using the Group Products Edition tool).
  • You are able to set different prices for the same product sold in different on-line stores.
  • The database of products is shared, so you can easily adjust your offer and each of the products may be listed in a different store's offer from the panel within a couple of seconds.
  • You can manage the stocks of all stores simultaneously.
  • Stock levels are shared between all on-line stores thanks to which the sale in one of the shops decreases the quantity of the same product in the other shop.
  • On-line store customization:
  • Each on-line store may have a completely unique look.
  • On-line stores may support different languages and currencies.
  • On-line stores may have completely different selections of goods and classifications.
  • On-line stores work on different domains.

What's the cost?

The installation fee for each successive on-line store in the Administration Panel is only 25GBP / 28.5EUR net instead of standard 149GBP / 169EUR net. There is also no need to pay for an additional subscription plan - only a small surcharge is collected for each new shop installed in the panel. Check the details.

When opening many online stores is worthwhile?

  • If you sell several differing assortments.
  • If you want to have an additional online store in a Mobile version accessible from mobile phones.
  • If you want to offer different selections of goods or prices for purchasers from different countries.
  • If you want to split up retail and wholesale trade.