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Learn what our customers think about us. Trust their judgement and see what are the benefits of using IdoSell Booking.

Get to know our clients – each of them has a unique way of running the business. Thanks to IdoSell Booking, they made their reservation management more efficient, started multi-channel sales and saved a great deal of time and effort.

"IdoSell Booking Channel Manager eliminated errors and limited number of misunderstandings with guests. It imposed discipline in terms of updating reservation details and communication with customers. Five years ago, we used pen and paper to mange all reservations. It brought on a lot of mistakes and confusion. Guests often used our mistakes to their benefit, especially in case of telephone reservations. After adding our offer to online travel agencies, we were not able to keep track of updating availability fast enough.Now, it's a completely different story." ~ says Edward Trzosek, the owner of Perła Krutyni Resort. [Learn more]